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Branding Solutions


Fact: 75% of buying decisions are based on emotion.

We help build your brand’s value, giving it the necessary support to get prospects thinking and feeling positively about your services and/or products. Branding involves every aspect of your company’s interactions internally within your company and externally with the public: logos, collateral, style guidelines, corporate culture, perceived value, – everything. DataMind’s branding strategy focuses on developing a consistent messaging, style guidelines, collateral, and identity that is suited to capture your target market.

Approach & Strategy

A bulk of branding efforts must be established and enforced from the inside, out. Your company must first decide who you want to be, or who you already are; after that, we can help. DataMind branding strategy incorporates a variety of methods and media, each providing value in their own right.

  • Research target markets – What do they respond to?
  • Unify messaging/ brand identity – Filter all channels and establish consistency
  • Create a coherent, well-balanced media mix to give your brand a voice


DataMind’s branding consultants have a variety of expertise in developing brand consistency and strategy. Our experience in brand messaging, online brand pushing, and identity design gives our team the capacity to execute your most vital project: building your brand. From selling your brand with online media to creating an iconic aesthetic, we help foster the strength of your brand. As always, DataMind focuses on what matters: your company’s success and growth.

Branding Solutions

  • Logo Creation/ Revamp
  • Style Guide Layouts: Fonts, Color Palate, etc.
  • Messaging Consulting
  • Collateral Design/ Redesign
  • Social Media Mix

Client Benefits

Brand strength and trust are the building blocks of a successful business. Successful branding will cause prospects to see your products/ services as the one and only solution to their problem.

Common benefits include

  • Recognition and Loyalty
  • Project the Image of Size and Quality
  • Greater Company Equity
  • Lower Marketing Expenses
  • Alignment of Internal and External Culture
  • Buyer Motivation

Collective Approach

Datamind’s branding solutions can greatly add to impact of your brand’s strength. With the prevalence of the web in our day-to-day functions, branding in this day and age relies greatly on your web presence. Our SEO, PPC and Web Design services each have the potential to contribute greatly to the value of your brand. Let us analyze your company’s current strategies and efforts for free so that we can guide you to an ideal, customized engagement plan.