DataMind Marketing

Lead Generation

End-to-End Sales Support


We help our clients define and manage an end-to-end sales process that fills in gaps left by deficient methods. We utilize an integrated sales approach, that minimizes lost opportunity and accelerates the performance of sales efforts. Our lead generation strategy is segmented into four phases: Creation, Qualification, Pipeline Management and Maintenance.


Our Creation phase focuses on methods to build your target audience through two channels: Inbound Marketing and Outbound Sales. Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by prospects that have an existing interest in your service or product. We use statistical information to determine your customer‘s interests and needs, and based on those, we formulate a marketing and advertising plan of attack. Our support services for Inbound Marketing include Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Pay Per Click Advertising and Branding. Outbound Sales picks up where marketing drops off; we focus on list building and prospecting to generate additional interest and build your audience from channels not able to be reached though Inbound Marketing efforts.


The qualification phase involves the nurturing and processing of the leads generated in the creation phase. We engage with prospects from both outbound and inbound channels to uncover needs, assess fit and qualify or disqualify them as potential clients.

Pipeline Management

The Pipeline Management phase involves the monitoring of your sales and closes in order to prevent lost opportunities. Pipeline management allows us to more accurately forecast your sales, better manage time spent on prospect nurturing, and close more sales. Proper Pipeline Management will improve selling strategies, eliminate inefficiencies, and shorten sales cycles.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Another way to prevent lost opportunities and lost revenue is by continually maintaining and monitoring your process. Prospects and potential business is lost along every step of the sale. Our in-depth lead generation strategy enables us to understand prospects’ interests, pain-points, and current situation; we use this information to continually nurture and recycle your leads. The on-going development of the relationship we have with your prospects gives ability to apprehend future needs and make available your services or products when they are ready to convert.

Client Benefits

The value of our Lead Generation and Sales services comes from our unique strategy; we have a more complete understanding of the current environment (people, process, and tools), then define a unique strategy to breakdown and identify all of the tactical steps that need to happen to complete the transformation of your sales process.

Common benefits include

  • Reduce risk of lost prospects
  • Accelerate impact of sales processes
  • Acquisition of more accounts with less work

Collective Approach

Our Lead Generation and Sales services involve a 5-phase process for sales success. The first phase, our Creation phase, requires the prescison of inbound marketing techniques, which we also offer assistance in. Our Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click services can immediately rev up your inbound marketing strategy and yeild great results in lead generation.