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Pay Per Click - PPC


Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is an avenue of online marketing created to get your website and services in front of your target audience while they search on the internet. PPC is a way for businesses to immediately get their website in the top positions of search engines without time lapse before you see results of Search Engine Optimization efforts. With PPC, you pay search engines, such as Google, when a searcher clicks on your link in the search results. PPC advertising is difficult and confusing to business owners who are new to online marketing. Most don’t have the time or knowledge to build accounts and campaigns that will bring them the most return on their advertising spend. Whether you are interested in testing what PPC advertising can do for your business or have already started, we can help you optimize your campaigns and bring you the highest return on your spend.

pay per click service flow and account strategy

Approach & Strategy

Our approach to Pay per Click advertising is to understand where a client can obtain the most return on their investment. We build the accounts and campaigns from the ground up to ensure best practices in account taxonomy are utilized. DataMind consultants have a strong understanding of web analytics and can set up efficient conversion tracking on a client’s website to help us and the business owner understand which campaigns are leading to conversions and which campaigns are wasting their spend. Many client’s are interested in increasing their sales on an e-commerce site and other’s want to build brand and awareness of their company, whatever your goal, we can set up your account and website to increase conversions and increase the insight into your investment’s success. DataMind works with you to find the best approach to your online marketing and creates your campaigns based around your goals. Once your campaigns are built, we focus on optimization, where we find the top converting keywords and campaigns and hone your budget in there. We also test your ad text and promotions to find the best messaging that your audience relates with and converts on. One of our main strategies is to help you understand this complex process and tool. We guide you and report key findings of our efforts every step of the way. Please find an outline of our process below. Keep in mind, our services can be adapted to whatever stage you are in of Online Marketing.


DataMind consultants have strong backgrounds Pay-Per-Click advertising and web Analytics from working at Ad agencies with large corporations to helping small businesses and start ups grow their business. We strategize and build our client’s account based on their budget, brand and most importantly, their overall company’s goal.

Client Benefits

Common benefits include

  • Increased findability and visits from your target
              audience and customers
  • Increased sales and conversions on your website
  • Increased return on ad spend (ROAS) for client’s
              already using PPC (we aim at 400%)