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Web Design


Fact: If you don’t capture your user in the first 3 seconds, you loose them…FOREVER.

Our web design services blend the best of function and finesse to create an interface that creatively tells your company’s story and enhances the user experience. Our process of web design includes conceptualization, planning, producing, post-production, research, and media control; all are executed with your individual purpose and goals in mind. Our web solutions include but are not limited to: custom web design, hosting options, structure and layout consulting, e-commerce web design, blog design and branded skins and templates for social media sites. Our web design practices are centered around optimized, clean coding, overall functionality and of course, aesthetic appeal.

Approach & Strategy

We take a holistic approach to our web design, keeping your goals in mind through each step of the process.

  • Define a purpose of your site and establish top tasks (lead generation, direct sales, education, etc.)
  • Create strategies to reach and appeal your target market
  • Incorporate strong company messaging and branding throughout
  • Multi-narrative (A/B) testing
  • Measurement

Our Design Philosophies

  • Keep it simple and stay focused on your themes
  • Usability comes above all
  • Navigation and information flow is key
  • Use quality graphics and fonts
  • Optimize among platforms browsers
  • Use "bells and whistles" sparingly - beware large download times
  • Be unique, and try to incorporate company culture

Collective Approach

DataMind’s web design services greatly add to the value of your user’s experience on your website. Utilizing our web design strategies along side our sister-services can really turn up the impact and presence of your site. Our SEO, PPC and Branding solutions will help drive more traffic to your site, push your brand, and increase your ROI. Let us analyze your company’s current strategies and efforts for free so that we can guide you to an ideal, customized engagement plan.

Web Design Solutions

Website Planning

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail! Avoid common web development mistakes and oversights with the proper planning. Let us help layout the goals for your site, coordinate hosting and maintenance options, and determine the organizational architecture for your entire web page.

Web Design

Our custom designs focus around clear messaging, intuitive interfaces and strong calls to action. We offer Custom Web Design, Express Web Design (Pre-made templates), E-commerce Web Design, and CMS modification services whether you need a “sprucing up” or a whole new site.

Social Media Design

Social networks are now visited more often than personal e-mail is read. Our social media design solutions include custom skins for Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr accounts and custom tabs, skins, and fan page designs for Facebook. Also ask about our Social Media Marketing options!

Client Benefits

With our many Web development options and online services available, the benefits of having a DataMind developed Web site are numerous and vary depending on your individual engagement. Two important things to remember however, are always constant:
1) First impressions count
2) Better Design + More Visitors = More Sales.

Common benefits include

  • Greater Flexibility and Times Savings.
  • Integrated Marketing Opportunity
  • Increased visitors and conversions/ sales
  • Increased brand awareness and brand value
  • Greater lead generation
  • Improved look and feel